Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Malaysia
Visas to Syria

According to the Applicable laws in Syria, every Arab or foreigner wishing to visit Syrian territory in order to study, work, invest, etc. must obtain a visa from one of the Syrian Embassies or consulates before visiting Syria. Read more

The Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic Receives receives inquiries and submissions from vositors daily (exept Saturday & Sunday).

Receiving of documents and applications startes from 9:00am and will cease to accept documents at 12:00pm.

Completed documents will be available for collection daily by owners from 2:00pm to 2:30pm.

Embassy Address and Contact Numbers:

The Embassy is located in U Thant - Kuala Lumpur

No 93 Jalan U Thant
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Embassy email and citizen inquiries: info@sekl.gov.sy

Landline: +60 34251 6364

Embassy official page on Facebook: facebook.com/syrianembassykl

Embassy account on Twitte: twitter.com/syrianembassykl

Instagram: instagram.com/SyrianEmbassykl

WhatsApp number assigned to answer inquiries: + 601150100555

Very Important Notes:

1: Receiving process will be ceased on the last working day of each month. On this day, you may visit the Embassy only to receive previously completed documents.
If you are not able to collect your documents during the time of collection (from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm) documents can be collected the next morning or on any other convenient day.
3: The Embassy always updates about announcement concerning public holidays and its event on its social media portals.
4: Before you visit the Embassy, check the information about the consular services provided by the Embassy on its website, you are required to download and print the necessary forms before you drop by the Embassy and make copies of the required documents before you submission to the Embassy.

Special provisions for Malaysian nationals:

1. Malaysian citizens can visit Syria for the purpose of tourism.
They can travel directly without the need to submit any application for a visa in advance. However, its required to provided t a clear address for residence in Syria and or confirmed hotel reservation, this information must be provided To the border crossing that the tourist arrived at upon entering.

2. If the reason for the visit is to study in public, private or islamic universities, a prior application must be submitted to the Embassy with the presentation of the admission documents at the university or institute, which are:

a) The acceptance/offer document.
b) The address of residence in Syria and the phone number.
b) Authentication of certificates with translated copies from the Embassy, ​​provided that they are linked with the original document with a joint seal.

3. As for the other reasons for the visit, including (work, journalists, etc.), a prior application must be submitted to the embassy.

This information was first published on: 29/08/2022